Welcome to My Council

If you're new here, here's a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Select one of the three options - My House, My Nearest or My Maps for the service you would like to use and search for an address by typing any part of an address or postcode. You can choose the address you need from the search results.

  2. My House and My Nearest will display information and nearest services for the selected location.

  3. My Maps provides location based information and services on an interactive map. You can switch layers on/off, change the basemaps and clicking on certain features will display any relevant information.

  4. The Reset button will clear the address and map and return to the initial My House view.

We take every reasonable effort to ensure that the data contained on this system is as accurate as possible. However, this service is intended for identification purposes only and must not be used for scaling or formal documentation. We do not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused by reliance on this information.

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